TT Stock/Club Stock race 1 race report

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TT Stock/Club Stock race 1 race report

Post  SammyD on Wed 19 Jan - 14:23

Last nite(11.01.11) saw the start of another year of solid stocks racing, most were still a bit rusty after the long break and battled a bit to find form. This was evident in the lap time improvements as the nite went on. But everybody that pitched was super excited to get back on track and burn up some rubber. There was a fair turnout resulting in 1 heat of TT's and 2 heats in the new club stock class.

TT Final

With Neville on pole and Tyron in second followed by Hamish and Kevin in 3rd and 4th spot it was bound to be a tight race. Right off the buzzer Tyron was putting preasure on Neville for the lead, by lap 3 they were already swopping positions at every corner, inside outside, each one trying to get away from the other, but keeping each other in check. Hamish ran in a solid third staying not far off the leaders' pace, Kevin also having a solid drive followed on by Donny and mini Glitch putting in a solid performance.


1 Tyron 20 - 14.39 - 15.33
2 Neville 20 - 14.35 - 15.39
3 Hamish 20 - 14.69 - 15.55
4 Kevin 19 - 14.58 - 15.95
5 Donny 17 - 16.05 - 17.67
6 Mini Glitch 13 - 18.45 - 24.44

Club Stock B Final

This race was also sure to be a tightly contested one with John B taking pole, Donny lying second, followed by Dion, Sagwee, Leslie and Ash. Right off the line Dion tucked in behind John and was putting the pressure on, Donny was a bit slow off the mark but was in the mix with Sagwee, Ash and Leslie. Dion and John were looking to have a very close race swopping positions very early on, Dion unfortunately developed car issues "again" and was out of the running, Sagwee started putting in a serious charge on the lead doing very well in his first outing at Steenberg. Donny, Leslie and Ash were doing some serious battle further back in the field.


1 John B 23 - 15.00 - 15.66
2 Sagwee 23 - 14.80 - 15.91
3 Donny 21 - 14.99 - 17.03
4 Leslie 21 - 15.21 - 17.32
5 Dion 17 - 14.52 - 20.53
6 Ash DQ

Club Stock A Final

This race also promised to be an epic battle with all the top contenders lining up. Steve C took pole with Tyron edging out Neville for 2nd, with Kevin, Hamish and Scooby filling the rest of the grid. Steve and Neville were fast off the line with Tyron having to defend the inside line to hold second, it was close through the first few corners with Steve keeping a cool head, Tyron and Nev battling for second. Kev, Hamish and Scoobs all also battling for the spoils. Ty unfortunately got stuck in traffic and the battens which saw him off into last place, Scooby started chasing hard and gained a few positions, Kev and Hamish were having some good dices, Ty faught hard to get back up the order with Steve opening a commanding lead leaving Nev in a solitary 2nd.


1 Steve C 26 - 13.79 - 14.40
2 Neville 25 - 14.09 - 14.82
3 Scooby 24 - 14.30 - 15.39
4 Tyron 24 - 13.75 - 15.55
5 Kevin 23 - 14.62 - 15.77
6 Hamish 23 - 14.55 - 15.90

Driver of the nite for TT went to Hamish for his solid performance.
Driver of the nite in club stock went to Steve C for a super "smooth" final win.

What a great start to the 2011 season, good fun was the order of the nite. Thanks to all who lent a hand with the track.

See you next week at minis.
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