TT Stock/Club Stock race 2 race report

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TT Stock/Club Stock race 2 race report

Post  SammyD on Thu 3 Feb - 11:12

What an action packed nite of racing, only a few guys(regulars) turned out for stocks, but they put on a brilliant performance. We had 6 entries for TT and 9 in club stock, Ty unfortunately was having diff problems and had to retire.

TT Stock Final

With Neville on pole and all the big names behind him wanting to take the win, we were in for an epic battle. Right off the line the pressure was on, everybody was bunched up due to a clean first few corners, Neville started opening a gap as everyone behind was fighting for position which slowed them up. A few accidents and mistakes by the challengers gave Tyron a bit of break from being in the pack to put on a chase, but Neville was just to fast stretching that gap by 1/2sec a lap to take a deserved win. The back markers from position 3 – 6 had an excellent race all finishing on the same lap separated by only 6 1/2sec.

1. Neville 29 – 10.02 – 10.62
2. Tyron 28 – 10.39 – 10.94
3. Brett 25 – 10.47 – 12.07
4. Hamish 25 – 10.73 – 12.14
5. Scooby 25 – 10.55 – 12.15
6. Shen 25 – 11.20 – 12.28

Club Stock Final

If the heats for this class were anything to go by, this was going to be a close fought battle with the one making the fewest mistakes taking the win. Steve was looking for more speed to off shake Nev, and Nev was determined to reel Steve in, and with Scooby and Hamish’s consistency, the race was ON BABY!! Right out of the first corner the pressure was there. With the crowded track it was difficult for Steve to make a break, Nev was always in striking distance if he made a mistake. Scooby, Hamish and Shen were putting in a good performance not far behind them. Nev started his charge and there wasn’t anything Steve could do about it, Nev caught up and they were changing positions on just about every corner, Nev then opened a small gap and was almost on his way to a well fought win when he broke his front left hub right off which put Steve back in the lead. Nev however carried on racing on 3 wheels battling to stay on track but determined as ever to keep his second spot. Not 3 laps later and less than 30secs to go Steve ran into trouble with his one front dogbone popping out giving Nev the lead again, but he too carried on racing to get the points. But with Nev struggling, Scooby managed to catch up and sneak past Nev with one lap to go and take the win by 5secs. What a climax to an already exciting race. You had to be there, it was spectacular!!!

1. Scooby 32 – 10.78 – 11.43
2. Neville 31 – 9.71 – 11.64
3. Steve 31 – 9.87 – 12.05
4. Hamish 31 – 10.84 – 12.16
5. Shen 30 – 11.04 – 12.46
6. Donny 26 – 11.08 – 13.91
7. Leslie 18 – 10.78 – 20.15
8. John 15 – 10.96 – 24.10

Best Drivers went to: Neville in TT Stock for a solid drive, and Scooby in Club Stock for being consistant with no mistakes which got him the win.
Well done to everybody, the racing was super close all nite long.
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