F1 / BMW Cup Race 1 race report

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F1 / BMW Cup Race 1 race report

Post  SammyD on Wed 16 Feb - 11:16

driver 101 wrote:BMW M3 Cup / F1

Last night was fantastic at TRCCC. The BMW’s stole the lime light with some great bodies on show. We also had a nice turn out for F1. With this finally been the first race for these classes, the anticipation was high amongst the drivers to see all the BMW bodies complete and ready to race.

All eyes were glued on the BMW’s, all attention focused on the designs and over all look at the class, must say they were really nicely prepared. The heat races went off well and we soon found who the fast guys were going to be.

F1 Final

The Red Bull driven by Scooby was once again the fastest qualifier, the car was flying but it had some serious competition from others. The race started well, Neville got totally sideways off the line and he immediately dropped back. Scooby made a good start but after a bit of bumping with others allowed Kevin to get into the lead. Paul was driving really well. The surprise was finding Dave running in a solid third for most of the race, he was handling the car with skill. Hamish was racing hard but failed to mount a challenge on the rest of the guys. Neville charged through to take third. Dave made a few mistakes which allowed Paul to catch. The race was on for first, Kevin dealt with the pressure of the Red Bull with huge confidence, Scoobs at one stage closed to a 1.5 second gap, Kevin held him off for a fantastic win, well done Kev.


1st – Kevin – 22 laps – F/L – 12.580 – A/L – 13.694
2nd – Scoobs – 22 laps - F/L – 12.290 – A/L – 13.757
3rd – Neville – 21 laps - F/L – 13.140 – A/L – 14.703
4th – Paul – 20 laps - F/L – 13.010 – A/L – 15.443
5th – Dave – 19 laps - F/L – 13.410 – A/L – 15.756
6th – Hamish – 14 laps - F/L – 13.850 – A/L – 16.065

BMW Cup B Final

Well our friend Sammy started on pole and made a clean start, Leslie was pushing hard behind him, however it didn’t take long for Hamish to take the lead. John was also flying and started to put huge pressure on the field. Dave was driving well again to hold his own and stay right in the thick of things. Unfortunately for Hamish his car let him down which handed the lead to John who was on a mission to check out. Sammy calmed his nerves and settled down to find a rhythm. John had trouble with the back markers and found himself battling with Dave, after a few tragic laps from the two Sammy arrived to sweep past and settle in for the win.


1st – Sammy – 22 laps – F/L – 12.140 – A/L – 13.745
2nd – Dave – 21 laps - F/L – 12.320 – A/L – 14.525
3rd – John – 21 laps - F/L – 12.350 – A/L – 14.752
4th – Leslie – 20 laps - F/L – 12.280 – A/L – 15.335
5th – Hamish – 19 laps - F/L – 12.220 – A/L – 17.025

BMW Cup A Final

Well this race was all about trying to stay on the fast pace, the guys were flying; one mistake and you would have to drive like mad to catch up. Tyron and Brett started up front and made a clean start. Tyron opened a small gap on Brett and that’s the way it remained till the end. The race was on for third between Paul, Kevin and Neville. Scoobs seemed to be battling with set up, the others were locked in a huge fight. In the end it was a fantastic race and it just proved to everyone at how weel the driving has improved. Well done to all.


1st – Ty – 26 laps – F/L – 11.250 – A/L – 11.915
2nd – Brett – 25 laps - F/L – 11.220 – A/L – 12.002
3rd – Paul – 24 laps - F/L – 11.690 – A/L – 12.621
4th – Neville– 24 laps - F/L – 11.430 – A/L – 12.642
5th – Kevin – 23 laps - F/L – 11.410 – A/L – 13.414
6th – Scoobs – 23 laps - F/L – 11.760 – A/L – 13.560

F1 driver of the night went to Kevin for a very pressure consistent drive.
BMW Cup driver of the night went to John for a great stand outdrive.

Last night was also the concourse competition. A massive thank you must be mentioned to Cisco for the great effect he put into when judging. The cars all line up at the beginning of the night and Cisco took his time in going through them with great detail.

Concourse Results:

1st – Neville
2nd – Paul / Sammy
3rd – Dave
4th – Ty
5th – Graeme
6th – Scoobs
7th – Brett / Johny
8th – Kevin / Hamish / Brad
9th – Leslie

Well it was a great start to the season for these classes, thanks to all for the effort.

Pics will follow, please post if you have.....
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