GT / Pro GT Race 2 Race Report

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GT / Pro GT Race 2 Race Report

Post  SammyD on Mon 28 Feb - 16:43

driver 101 wrote:GT / Pro GT Race 2

Well, last night wasn’t a very busy night at Tokai, we did manage to get 8 entries for GT, the Pro GT class seemed to lack the numbers, but we managed to put together a four man race, thanks to Hamish who managed to just get his car together in time.

GT Final

This was going to be a race between Neville and Phil, going by the heat races they were in for a fight. They both got away well with Phil leading; Neville was maintaining his distance behind and trying his best to pile on the pressure. Scooby and Johny were locked in a battle again. Shen drove well and kept a good rhythm. Hamish was doing the best he could after missing the first heat and driving a car that was just repaired in time. Leslie was doing his best as usual driving well enough to stay in touch with Hamish.

As the race progressed, Phil fell victim to the curse of GT, crashing hard enough to damage the car. Neville was having what seemed to be motor trouble, the car would slow and then regain its performance. This left the race wide open. Scoobs came through and started to lead, Neville added huge pressure. With only a few laps left these two drivers were swopping paint at every turn. Coming onto the straight, on the last lap, they touched at the top, they both straightened up and had a drag race to the finish. Neville just managed to take it with only 0.03 seconds between them. John and Shen also had an extremely close finish for third. Great racing , well done.


1st – Neville – F/L – 10.500 – A/L – 12.104
2nd – Deon – F/L – 11.050 – A/L – 12.105
3rd – Johny – F/L – 11.320 – A/L – 12.639
4th – Shen – F/L – 11.330 – A/L – 12.657
5th – Phillip – F/L – 10.220 – A/L – 12.849
6th – Hamish – F/L – 11.480 – A/L – 13.392
7th – Leslie – F/L – 11.550 – A/L – 13.620
8th – Quinton – F/L – 12.440 – A/L – 15.804

Pro GT Final

This race ended up becoming two races in one. The first was the dice between Neville and Scoobs, the second between Hamish and Shen. Scoobs drove well holding off Neville and displaying some great car control. Hamish tried hard to stay in touch with Neville and finished only one lap behind. Shen came in fourth with 17 laps.


1st – Deon – F/L – 10.600 – A/L – 11.074
2nd – Neville– F/L – 10.340 – A/L – 11.550
3rd – Hamish – F/L – 11.410 – A/L – 12.315
4th – Shen – F/L – 11.620 – A/L – 18.638

Thanks again to all drivers
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