2014 Class Rules

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2014 Class Rules

Post  Jupman on Fri 21 Feb - 12:55

This Class is based on the Tamiya TT01. No carbon fibre chassis upgrades, except top brace. If you have a different make, please clear with race control at registration. Aluminium upgrades allowed. No drilling or cutting of chassis allowed, this includes altering to allow different gearing.

TT01: 25/55 maximum gearing

1/10 scale tamiya or hpi touring car bodies only(no race blobs), no custom made wings, no covered wheel arches.

Maximum Width: 175mm
Maximum Width: 200mm
Wheel Base: 270mm
Minimum Height: 175mm

Only foam bumpers allowed. These are to be mounted at the front and rear of chassis as intended. No external (on
outside of body) allowed. No wood, metal or other materials for bumpers will be allowed.

1/10 scale touring car wheels only.

Spec Rubber Tyres only. (Team Powers 34 Premounts)

Unopened 540 size Johson Silver can/Mabuchi 2 Slot Motors.  No other brands allowed.

7.2volt NiCad or NiMh, Lipo 7.4volt commercial packs. No Home built packs allowed.

Minimum Weight:

Racing in : Stock TT; Club Stock; Mini 2wd; GT; FWD; 1/12th Pan

Own : TT01E; M03L; TA05v2 IFS; FF03; TA05V2; Schumacher Supastox Pan; Tamiya Nitrage 5.2cc

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