2014 Class Rules

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2014 Class Rules

Post  Jupman on Fri 21 Feb - 13:10

Any 1/10 scale F1 2 wheel drive chassis allowed.

1/10 scale F1 car bodies only, no custom made wings. No covered wheel arches.

1/10 scale f1 wheels only. No touring car wheels allowed.

Only moulded rubber or foam tyres that are intended for 1/10 scale F1 chassis allowed. No oversize tyres allowed.

Unopened 540-size black can “sport-tuned” or Unopened 540-size silver/grey can Johnson/Mabuchi 2 slot motors only.NO other brands allowed

7.2volt NiCad or NiMh, Lipo 7.4volt commercial packs. No Home built packs allowed.

Minimum Weight:

Racing in : Stock TT; Club Stock; Mini 2wd; GT; FWD; 1/12th Pan

Own : TT01E; M03L; TA05v2 IFS; FF03; TA05V2; Schumacher Supastox Pan; Tamiya Nitrage 5.2cc

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