Practice evening : Thursday 14th

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Practice evening : Thursday 14th

Post  Jupman on Sat 9 Aug - 11:43

Hi guys
A number of members are keen for a practice evening next Thursday. Any and all classes can run.
We will only setup and run it if there is enough interest. Please let us know if you are keen to attend.

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Re: Practice evening : Thursday 14th

Post  Controversy on Fri 15 Aug - 21:33

Managed to get in some practice during the day, so didn't make it in the evening. Track was damp and very slick... (noticed there was a sort of fungi on the surface), it was like driving on ice. Revised layout was enjoyable, much faster then the previous layout and slightly less technical.

Would anyone be able to inform me of when the next weekend of racing at SPRCCC will be taking place? (Or the contact details of someone in the know.)

Thinking of checking the track out and seeing how they run a race meeting.

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