Stocks Race Report

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Stocks Race Report

Post  SammyD on Sun 22 May - 17:53

Stocks Ruled the Night.

What just happened, I mean last night is still a blur to me. How was the pace at the front? Man….so many questions. I thought adding a little change to the track might add a bit of spice to the mix, but within a couple of laps the guys were fully dialled in. The laps time tumbled as the night progressed, drivers became faster and the rivalry intensified. 10 entries in both classes were great. We ran 2 heats for each.

A great turn out of drivers, a major thanks to all the new guys, this is what drives a club forward, thank you and I really hope you enjoyed the adrenalin packed racing. Quinton drove well, Vimal had awesome speed and control, Naasif stole the show with his epic B Final drive, holding off a club local all the way.

B Final TT

Check this…Naasif was the man, I mean who would of excepted this guy to come out in his second race ever and take it. John had lots of speed but kept making huge mistakes. Donny drove really well, but failed to be consistent enough to stay with the top 2. Vimal raced for the first time and really showed some serious pace, he is definitely going to be one of the drivers to keep a very careful eye on.



A Final TT

What a race, the pace was seriously hot. You make a small mistake, like I found out, and there is just no way of clawing back. The skill and speed of the front guys are all so equal that it just totally blows your mind. Neville had huge pace, he stayed out of trouble, Scoobs and myself had an awesome dice. Hamish was again at the top of the field confirming that he is now a top club contender. Well done to Shen who made it into the A event, great driving Shen.


2-4-Deon -26-5m09.030-11.440-11.886
4-3-Hamish -24-5m08.230-11.870-12.843

B Final Club Stock

And can you believe our resident “Spanner Boy”made it to a well deserved win. He started 3rd on the grid and managed to muscle his way to the front, he kept his cool and drove to the line with confidence, well done Sam. Leslie didn’t let him go without a fight, he added pressure and was quick, he just ran out of time. Shen and Donny drove well and fought well amongst themselves.


5-5-Quinton-0-NO TIME-0.000

A Final Club Stock

Another off the hook race, pace and consistency was the key to win this one. This race went past like a blur, I still am left wondering what the hell happened. Neville was again super clean and opened a small gap to stay ahead, Scoobs and Myself resumed the battle and we drove hard, unfortunately for me, I made some brain dead decisions and dropped back. Hamish again came through like this little irritating rash you cant get rid of, well done bud, good driving. John was on his own mission in 5th.


5-5-John B-28-6m06.920-10.970-13.104

Driver of the night in TT had to go to Naasif for his controlled win despite being hounded down by Johnny, and lets not forget its only his second race. Wow.

Driver of the night in Club Stock went to our regular club local Sam. Can you believe he actually showed he can concentrate for 6 minutes to take a very good solid win, well done Sam.

Well again I have to say thanks to all, Sam and Brett for DJ and Leslie for always being as helpful as ever. And to all that marshalled, thanks guys.

👏 👏 👏

skillz wrote:Thanks SO MUCH to the committee and members and new drivers for an AWESOME evening!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏

What an Awesome atmosphere and turnout!!!! Well done to the new guys 👏 👏 you really drove well! 👏 👏

Cant wait for saturday at the tennis court! Very Happy

Vimal wrote:Yip, last night was really awesome 👍 can't wait for the next stock race Very Happy

Thanks everyone for all the help and advice 👍
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