Mini Race 5 race report

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Mini Race 5 race report

Post  SammyD on Sun 22 May - 17:54

Well....not a great turn out of entries, us locals were there as usual did we race or what. Last night the pace was crazy, I can’t believe how well everyone is driving. We ran the same track from stocks, it a great track and if you get the lines right you can be super-fast.

2wd Final

I really cannot say much about this race for the other drivers cos I found myself locked in some huge battles, so I am sorry if this sounds off / one sided.

The race got off well, I dont know how, but I was in third on the first lap, think Hamish, Kev and Sam ran wide through the first turn, from there on Scoobs and I raced like two Pit Bulls, going for it at every turn. Scooby was a little unlucky and fell behind into third. I hunted down Nev slowly, on every lap edging a little closer. Fast forward to the second last lap, and now I am on him, with us now coming up behind 2 drivers, Nev backs off and I took a straight line through the middle of all of them, Nev and I were then side by side, he took the inside and back in the lead, and with one lap left I couldn't find a way past. It was so close that I finished 0.67s behind. Well done Nev. Scoobs held on for third, Hamish and Kev finished on the same laps, so they must have been battling it out. Sam came home at the back with a car lacking a little speed, next time bud.


1st – Nev – 25 laps – 11.850
2nd – Ty – 25 laps – 11.770
3rd – Scooby - 24 laps – 11.760
4th – Hamish – 23 laps – 12.020
5th – Kev – 23 laps – 12.320
6th – Sam – 21 laps – 12.970

4wd Final

One again, another hum dinger of a race. Nev was driving his new car and it’s clear to see that he is quick. He led for a couple of laps while the rest of us were having some serious dices. Scooby and I got into the lead and race hard again, coming onto the straight we were super close and just before the timing bridge were touched and had a massive crash. Hamish and Nev got passed and once back on track; the chase began for Scoobs and myself. Scooby later broke but re-joined a few laps down; I got passed Nev and tried my best to chase down Hamish. Hamish was far too good and there was just no way to get him. Kev unfortunately broke his Genetics plate in the heats, so he didn’t compete in the final.


1st – Hamish – 25 laps – 11.550
2nd – Ty – 25 laps – 11.280
3rd – Nev – 23 laps – 11.830
4th – Scooby – 19 laps – 11.310

The racing was absolutely great; us few guys that are consistently racing are now so close that it any ones guess who will win. For those members that are not racing, all I can say is that you are missing out Big Time and you should seriously consider returning, you won’t be sorry.

Thanks to:

Nev for track duty and a cheesy grin Laughing

Kev for helping out and packing the track up, as well as managing to break something unbreakable Laughing

Leslie who didn’t race, but jumped in to help with everything, and for forgetting his cars Laughing

Vimal for acting as race starter, marshalling as well and not putting the mic on Laughing

Naasif for marshalling and buying a genetic for next round Laughing

Scooby for entertainment and pretending he knows how to drive Laughing

Hamish for wearing a funny hat and bitching and moaning about nothing Laughing

Sam for ….well…”where’s that spanner again” Laughing Laughing Laughing
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