Mini Race 6 Race Report

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Mini Race 6 Race Report

Post  SammyD on Fri 17 Jun - 16:30

driver 101 wrote:Yoh, yet another TRCCC epic nights racing, what the hek, how good has this been lately, it just gets better week by week.

A good turnout, nine 2wd and six 4wd guys showed up to do battle. Same track, we just ran the other way this time. We had the different format for mini’s, one qualifier and a 10min final, man, you have to get that qualifier right to get a good grid slot, only one chance, great stuff.

We also had our club mini on track for the first time, in the hands of Vimal, he decided he didn’t like the way the steering linkages looked and preferred them in two pieces, (just joking dude) it was a rush fix, and he managed to get out on track and drove really well. Time to buy one now?

B Final 2wd

After having a few mishaps in the heat, Brett found himself slogging it out in the B division. He was way too quick and sailed to an easy win, not too mention that he smoked his gearbox on the last lap. Dave drove well, just a little unfortunate that he wasn’t in the A’s. As mentioned, Vimal was driving the clubs mini with a delicate fix on the steering, he seriously didn’t want to touch the battens, well done Vimal. Sam, well, Sam will always be Sam, I think Sam stands for Spanner A$$ Mechanic. (just joking dude)


2-1-Dave Bryant-44-10m06.130-12.350-13.776

A Final 2wd

Man, I was stocked to get that mini on pole, tried to maintain the lead gap to Scooby and Neville, but had a serious lack of talent around the top turn and rolled the car. Neville took the lead, again, and had Scooby chasing him. Neville drove well under pressure with myself and Scooby charging after him. Scooby dropped back to third after making a few mistakes. I charged after Neville and on the last lap it was so close, he managed to get the win just, by under a second, well done Nev. Hamish and John were in a race of their own, putting in some good laps, well done guys. This was a really good race, really close and super fair, thanks guys.

1-3-Neville -51-10m07.520-11.420-11.912
3-2-Deon -51-10m11.450-11.380-11.989
5-5-John -46-10m00.420-11.850-13.053

4wd Final

Another good race, Hamish drove well again to come home second, Neville still in set up mode with his new chassis drove a very good race, finishing third. Check Naasif, first time out in a Genetic and drove really well, look at his times, great driving Naasif. Scooby broke his car, a real pitty, cos he looked fast. Dave also retired.


1-1-Ty -52-10m05.090-11.140-11.636
3-2-Neville -47-10m03.200-11.400-12.834
5-5-Deon -25-9m01.910-11.050-21.676
6-4-Dave -7-2m04.080-12.460-17.726

Once again, thanks Nev for track duty. Dave thanks very much for taking time out to repack the trailer, it’s all neat now and the battens fit in much better.

Think the club car is fantastic, this should gain more interest as time goes and I am sure will get more entries in the long run.

Just one negative guys, please in future when asked to line up on the grid, we need co-operation. Obviously if someone has a last minute issue, an extra minute will be cool, but having to call over and over, man, it’s like rounding up 2 year olds with wet nappies. And believe it or not, when your car has been placed on the grid for the final, you are not supposed to move, it actually a rule. It’s unfair for the member who finds himself waiting on the grid while guys stuff around. I apologize if I got hot on the mic, but jeez man, lets get it together next time, please.

Anyway, its always a jol.
Great racing guys.

:clap: :clap: :clap:
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