Porsche Super Cup Class Rules

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Porsche Super Cup Class Rules

Post  driver 101 on Tue 3 Jan - 17:30

This class is designed around the ability to drive against another competitor with similar, if not the same, equipment. The class will be based on fun, competitive racing. For 2012 there will be two championships.
Class rules:
1 – Only Tamiya standard plastic (bathtub) TTO1 chassis allowed. These may have hop ups / upgrades, you may also shave out drives, lighten drive train. You may run bearings of choice. No cutting or drilling of chassis allowed.

2 – Only Johnson 2 slot (silver can) motors allowed, not Mabuchi. These have to have their original wiring / leads. Deans connecters may be used. You may not be allowed to solder direct to ESC. All motors must be new in box when handed in for engraving. Motors are to be marked with driver’s name and car number. Motors may be cleaned and maintained by drivers. Motors are not allowed to be tampered with and must remain sealed. Only one motor is allowed for the entire year (Both championships).

3 – Only Ride 25 Pre Mounted slick tires on white rims allowed (#26009). The wheels are marked with the driver’s number. Tires must last the entire year. This means for both championship seasons.

4 – Only Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3 (#51336 or #51361) bodies allowed. The bodies may be sprayed in any color. The committee will provide all entrants with the following stickers that must be applied in the described positions:
• The bodies must carry the number on side of front doors.
• The name of driver must be on the rear window.
• The clubs window strip must be on the top of the front windscreen.

5 - Bodies will be judged at the first event and concourse points will be awarded to the entire field. The awarding of points will be allocated as per qualifying points. Failure to place stickers as described above (Rule 4) will result in a deduction in points for concourse.

6 – The maximum gearing option will be limited to 25 pinion and 55 spur. No larger pinion and no smaller spur will be allowed. The committee holds the rights to ask a driver to remove his gear cover to reveal gearing at any stage during the race event.

7 – ESC will be restricted to only Tamiya TEU 101 BK or TEU 104 BK

8– Nimb / Ni-cad 7.2v 6 cell or Lipo 7.4v 2 cell allowed. Batteries mah rating is unrestricted. No home made packs allowed.

9 – Bumpers may only be of foam. Bumpers may not protrude the body shell.

10 – Championship points will be awarded as per any championship.

11 – All cars are to be handed in on registration for compulsory scrutineering. This will done by the committee. A driver may be asked to remove their motor for checking. The cars must remain in parc ferme conditions until all cars have been checked.

12 – Bad driving or misconduct will result in a point’s reduction or disqualification from the event.

13 – The race format may change from race to race. This will be left as a surprise.

14 – Medals will be awarded at each event for top 3 finishers in each Final. Concourse winners will receive medal or prize.

15 - The following penalties will apply to any driver who has to replace a part:
• 100 points for a motor
• 25 points per wheel ( tyre or rim)
• 200 points for a body
The above points will be deducted from the championship that the offense took place.

16 - Minimum weight limit of 1400g

17 - Metal fin heat-sinks are allowed but clip on cooling fans or self-made cooling pipes etc are not allowed.

All drivers must meet the above requirements / rules, or face elimination.

Good luck and may the best driver win.
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