F1 / Porsche Super Cup Race 3 race report

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F1 / Porsche Super Cup Race 3 race report

Post  driver 101 on Fri 13 Apr - 16:46

Hi All,

Well, what another good evening of racing at Tokai, a really nice flowing track thanks to a good design team. The vibe was once again fantastic; a lot of laughs, good old chirps were doing the rounds as usual.

F1 Report:

We had an entry list of 7 drivers. The qualifying heats went off well with Nev and Kev setting the pace upfront. We set the grid for the final and we were off. Kevin started on pole and set off to try and check out, unfortunately Matt had other ideas, he caught and passed for the lead with style. Nev decided to change his rubber that gave him some serious grip issues, rookie mistake. Nev and Kev fought hard allowing Matt to focus on maintaining the lead, which he did with control worthy of some applause from onlookers. Abdul drove well, looking to improve lap after lap, but it must be said, the night belonged to Matt, who drove like a star to record his first win, congrats Matt on a brilliant drive.

1-Matt -21-12.850-14.457 bounce bounce bounce

Porsche Super Cup Report:

9 drivers rocked up ready for battle. The pace was hot, with Nev leading the field during the qualifying rounds. Hamish was right behind with some serious pace. I battle with a dirty under powered crappy motor, until Sam gave me some juice. We tried to run all the 9m drivers together, but unfortunately that had to be split for the final.

B Final:

What a crazy race. Naasif set off into a healthy lead, Arshad tried to hang on and mount a challenge with an unlucky Johnny chasing behind. Every chance Johnny had he gained on the leaders only to fall back behind through no fault of his. As the race progressed, the leaders started making a few errors allowing them all to close up. Positions were changing lap after lap. Naasif just held on for the win, followed by Johnny and Arshad. Sam was in the race as well, somewhere, battling with a motor that was no good, wonder why. He spannered, sorry meant to say drove, hard and tried his best to stay in touch, next time bud.

1-Naasif 75-24-11.480-12.697 bounce bounce bounce
2-Johnny 05-24-11.210-12.794
3-Arshad 77-24-11.490-12.835
4-Sam 18-21-13.470-14.727

A Final:

What an awesome race. Nev was flying again, racing to the win, producing consistent lap times, well done bud. Hamish lived up to his qualifying pace and raced after Nev with style, I tried to keep up but had another fast driver behind pushing me all the way, and that was Abdul, we had an awesome dice. Kevin, who we can say is now out of retirement, fell behind a little and never really caught up; he hung onto 5th place for the night. At the finish Nev won with Hamish right behind, all top three finishing on the same lap. Abdul came home a lap behind.

1-Neville 21-26-11.120-11.690 bounce bounce bounce
2-Hamish 88-26-10.920-11.844
3-Ty 101-26-11.040-11.925
4-Abdul 00-25-11.150-12.066
5-Kevin 02-24-11.580-12.803

Once again, thanks to all for the great racing.

See you next week.

driver 101

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Re: F1 / Porsche Super Cup Race 3 race report

Post  skillz on Fri 13 Apr - 17:27

Well done Matt for the BRILLIANT drive and win in F1!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Well done to Abdul for a good race in PC final!

Well done to Hamish for a excellent drive in PC final and Big thanks for being a good sportsmen! Thx buddy!

Nice to see Kev back! Well done Kev!

Thanks to all for a very enjoyable evening and awesome vibe!
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Re: F1 / Porsche Super Cup Race 3 race report

Post  SammyD on Sat 14 Apr - 1:30

Ah you chop is all I'll say!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes Sleep It was team tactics I tell you, there's a conspiracy on the go!!!! Evil or Very Mad Never mind Nev, when Ty remembers to bring my REAL motor next time, we'll just shut them out of the medal spots!!!!! cheers cheers

Well done to the other chaps, there were some dang fast cars there, or maybe it just seemed that way cause mine was sooooo slow!!! Sad And if I got in your way last nite, well.....just blame Ty!!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Laughing Laughing
To Faiz No.2 and the green car - come join us more buddy, some extra track time will pay off in the end!! Very Happy

Oh and to Matt ATTACK, awesome drive buddy, don't believe Nev's excuse, you were the superior driver last nite!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Re: F1 / Porsche Super Cup Race 3 race report

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